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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Another quick DVD review

First Shot - A another HK movie. This is from 1993 and is about the fight against corruption in Hong Kong. It's loosely patterned on "The Untouchables". In this case, you have the guy who starred in A Better Tomorrow (whose name I don't remember, but was the older brother) as the honest cop. He gets shot in the head by a fellow cop when he won't take a bribe to let some crooks go, but survives.

Anyway, at the behest of a new Governor, he and this lady attorney start up an anti-corruption unit. And so the rest of the movie deals with that.

It's a pretty good movie. It definitely borrows from the Untouchables a lot, like recruiting a guy from the police academy (though in this case, they recruit a gun guy and a martial arts guy). The main villain's gunmen definitely seems to be channel Billy Drago, though in a twist, in this he is gay.