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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

DVD: China Strike Force...

I'm guessing this is a joint HK/American movie, based on the cast. I got it mostly because it had Aaron Kwok in it, who I liked a lot in the movie "Heat Team".

I wasn't looking too closely at to who else was in it, otherwise I might not have gotten it. It's got "Coolio" in it, who used to be famous for something or other about 10 years ago.

It's about 2 Chinese Cops (Aaron Kwok and this Asian-American who looks really really familiar, but I don't think has been in very many movies. Looks kinda like Daniel Wu, I guess). who are visiting someplace where they get involved in a murder. Why, I dunno exactly, since I don't think they are on their own turf. But nevertheless, they start investigating.

The people behind it are Coolio (who plays an American drug dealer named "Coolio".) and the guy from Brotherhood of the Wolf - Mark Damasccos (something like that, I can't spell his name, but he's instantly recognizable). And there's another one that may or may not be a villain, a Japanse chick named Noriko Something (she also has the same name as her character ?), who is really hot (apparently a former Miss Japan).

Anyway, there is a plot, but it's not terribly deep. Coolio and company are trying to horn in on Mark whatzit's fathers turf, while the two cops occasionally chase them. Coolio and Noriko are just really really bad actors. Really bad. Really really bad.

But Aaron Kwok's good, and the Asian-American guy is really really good. But the movie is worth watching due to some really nice action sequences. There's a pretty good chase scene involving a Lamboghini and a formula one car, and the finale features a fight on top of a skyscaper's glass panel. Pretty unique.