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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Been playing UFO: Extraterrestrials...

Gogamer got it in stock last week and shipped it the 17th, I got it on Monday the 21st, and have been playing it as much as possible since. Usually staying up to 5am. Yikes, it's really addictive.

It's very similar to X-com/UFO: Enemy Unknown, but at the same time, has several minor changes which seemed to have been meant to get rid of exploits. For instance, you now can't really make money by making items, so you rely more on funding from countries and loot from ETs. Soldiers aren't killed permamently (usually) which cuts down on save/load in the tactical game (which I admit I was guilty of). No mind control, which made the game really easy if you used it.

I really really like it. It's not perfect, but much better than I expected.