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Friday, July 20, 2007

Gamefly really sucks...

Because there is something like 8 (or 9) RPGs being released for the PSP between July and August, far too many for me to buy, I joined Gamefly to see which was worth my money.

However, Gamefly has been something of a nightmare. First off, they are incredibly slow. They say they have two shipping centers, but apparently they don't use the one near me, so I'm stucking getting mail to and from California. Which used to only take about a week, but nowadays seems to take 10 days or more.

I guess that can't be helped (except letting their PA shipping center serve MO, since it's about 1000 miles closer), but what can is their customer service. I emailed a question about their "Fast Return" policy a couple days ago, and haven't got an answer.

Basically, they supposedly have "Rapid Return" like Netflix or BBOnline. Where once it gets scanned into the system, it's considered "returned". (Although it took a week after I mailed it to get scanned). However, this didn't free up a slot, so I'm waiting for a game to be mailed.

Lastly, the selection isn't great. Maybe it works better for more popular systems, but I haven't gotten a new PSP game yet high on my Queue, just old stuff down near the bottom.